Supply air

Studies on ‘sick building syndrome’, which is known since the 80’s, have had a strong influence on the effects in product design and planning.

Unfortunately, from our perspective, the wrong path was taken and the airwasher industry was demolished because the engineering technology did not manage to provide them with a sustainable and safe solution. We believe that especially in the face of increasing fine dust pollution, airwashers are the most effective method. They cool, humidify and filter the air up to HEPA quality, similar to the one needed for gas purification. Where air washer is still heavily used.

ALPINAIR hygiene complete solutions offers sustainable air washer hygiene (germ-free according to drinking water regulation) as well as sustainable air conditioning hygiene. The new innovative oxygen activation features NOX-free active oxygen. It has been widely accepted that healthy indoor air quality correlates with ion concentrations and has been used by us for years. We guarantee 1000-2000ion/cc in living areas.

Due to the evident elimination of volatile organic compounds in the circulating air, our process ensures long lasting air quality in an energy efficient manner.